ROjak at the Lacy Nook

A modern Malaysian pop-up restaurant and Satay Bar at the Lacy Nook, London N16.

Rojak: An eclectic mix of ingredients to spice up London’s kaleidoscope of cultures. 

We feature a mouth-watering selection of Malaysian street food and classics with a distinct British twist. These time-honoured recipes have been elevated to new levels by using the finest local ingredients. Inspired by feelings of home, Rojak draws on influences from the original Malaysian fusion cuisine, a 15th century tradition - made for sharing.

The way we work.

We spend as much time sourcing our ingredients as we do in the kitchen. This is an integral part of the creative process involved in every aspect of our cooking. We strive to source local, sustainable produce and free range meats wherever possible. These are the guiding principles behind each and every dish.

Rojak London: from the streets of Malaysia to the world’s melting pot.

Running from 17th October (for three months)